1940s Lytham Wartime Weekend

August 28, 2013 at 12:16 pm
If you fancy a nostalgia trip to the 1940s, the annual re-enactments during the Lytham Wartime Weekend will delight all of the family. Experience all the drama of the days of Dunkirk, the Blitz, and the D-Day launch and victory with interactive fun, displays of memorabilia and fun re-enactments that bring the stories of the 40s to life. Thrilling battles explode in the normally calm streets of Lytham, with education, history, and fun combining to bring wartime tales to life. There’s the opportunity to pick up interesting memorabilia, slogan posters, and wartime bric-a-brac, and view historic vehicles, replica Spitfire planes, and people in costume. Lytham Wartime Weekend Fancy Dress Fun You can even dress up in 1940s costume if you like, though the organisers say that only allied outfits are allowed to preserve the decorum of good taste, and the future of the event! You can hire a costume at the event, and pick up some great tips about cooking and gardening during wartime. It may surprise you how people survived on rations, using the natural environment to supplement their diets, growing food in their gardens at home. Truly, a skill worth reviving. 1940s Lytham Wartime Weekend Programme In a specially set up Arena, you can watch a mock WW2 battle scene using authentic uniforms and equipment. The action explodes with simulated gunfire and explosions with each show having a commentator to explain the action why happened and how dangerous the battles were for the Allies. Music lovers will enjoy the stage performances of wartime songs and ballads from the 1940s, with a handy refreshment tent nearby to ensure you get in the mood for a good old fashioned sing-a-long. There’s even a 1940s café run by the Lytham Belles and Park View 4U! There are special activities for children including the chance to enrol in the 1940s Home Front, conquer an assault course and try out the child-suitable rifle range activities. There are many volunteers from the RAFA, Help for Heroes, Spitfire Appeal, and the British Legion, manning specialist display stands featuring information about World War I and II. The 1940s Lytham Wartime Weekend is a great way to enjoy history, and introduce it to younger members of the family. Why not stop over in a Blackpool Hotel and stay for the week? You could see the sights and attractions of Blackpool Town, enjoying the many amusement parks, museums and gorgeous beaches.