51st Manchester to Blackpool Car Run

June 7, 2013 at 11:56 am
The 9th of June 2013 sees the inaugural Manchester to Blackpool Car Run take place. This event in its 51st year celebrates classic cars of all descriptions manufactured before the end of 1981. This mechanical feast for the eyes involves a distinguished panel of judges looking at the vintage cars based on their condition, presentation and of course, their roadworthiness and speed. Visitors to Blackpool will enjoy the convenient location of the race finish near Blackpool Hotels in the town centre. Lancashire Automobile Club Organizers Established in 1902 to promote motorsport and showcase the beauty of the invention of the automobile the Lancashire Automobile Club is the second oldest motor club in the UK. Representing grass roots enthusiasts with membership open to all without restriction, the LAC hosts road events and speed events that concentrate on a mutual appreciation of cars. The club supports larger regional and national events including the RAC Rally of Great Britain and the annual Manchester to Blackpool Car Run. Famous Race Drivers from the LAC Tony Fall, Mike Wood and Stuart Turner are some well known circuit faces, with the Lancaster Automobile Club organizing many meets and stages and providing marshals who are experienced in directing road traffic and ensuring the safety of all participants. Recently, and due to road regulations for car events around the UK, the Club has moved to Veteran Vintage and Classic events. This trend began in the 1960’s with the Manchester to Blackpool Veteran Vintage Car Run which now boasts unbroken history since that time. Families and Spectators for the Manchester to Blackpool Car Run This year, at Stanley Park in Blackpool, the finish line of the Manchester to Blackpool Car Run will be celebrated with a spectacular Art Deco Marquee and party atmosphere. During the race, passengers are welcome to travel the route in their entrant car, and enjoy the celebrations at the end with other race enthusiasts. Spectators are very welcome to come and view the incredible display of motoring ingenuity at Stanley Park on the 9th of June, where you can see for yourself the brilliance of not only British car manufacturing, but also the fantastic motors from abroad and overseas. For more information on attending the rally and celebrations and for somewhere to stay in Blackpool, contact our friendly team at the Carn Brae Hotel Blackpool for all your accommodation enquiries on 01253 345 938.