Al Murray

October 13, 2012 at 2:01 pm
The Pub Landlord brings his new comedy show to Blackpool’s Opera House on November 13, 2012. Coyly titled “The Only Way is Epic”, the new show is rumoured to be full of funny witticisms about how Britain has become a culture of excessive spectacle, where everything is never natural and always enhanced. The “Pub Landlord” aspect of Al Murray’s on stage character gives him room to be politically incorrect, deliciously misogynist – but it is funny, and able to make jokes that are on the edge of human decency. Embodying the typical man on the street, or the bartender who hears the stories and repeats them to us, his act is always delightfully funny and makes you feel like you’ve spent a night gossiping about everyone and everything. The Only Way Is Epic If you take the view that The Olympics was grand, but you could not get hold of a decent English Ale anywhere within the grounds, you have the picture of how Al Murray will tackle aspects of cultural life. The title itself is a pun on the show “The Only Way is Essex”, which Murray no doubt finds a curious development in modern youth culture, where youngsters feel the need to enhance their looks to the extent that plastic surgery, hair, nails and body parts are the norm and the now, and hence, “epic”. One can only guess what he will say about “epic” proportions! Murray has a way of being bawdy and political, and one thing his shows have always been is thought provokingly political, reminding us that ordinary British life and values do get confused when we accept a culture of one up man ship. Murray’s way of defining things might include one up size-man ship! The most entertaining aspect of Murray’s act, which makes you feel safe to observe as an audience member, is that he truly becomes the character of the pub landlord. The man will talk of beer, marketing, ale festivals and pigs in blankets at Christmas but somehow manages to get a very satirical message across about current English culture and values. For an evening of fun and laughs, near a pub, with a comedian who embodies the view of the ordinary working person, check out Al Murray and book tickets when you come to stay in one of Blackpool’s hotels.  Come and fill your boots with a barrel of laughs!