As The World Tipped – Blackpool, 2014

September 24, 2014 at 4:19 pm
A catchy title graces this circus-come-theatrical performance at the Blackpool Cricket Ground on Saturday 27th September. Hosted by Blackpool Grand Theatre – where, please note, you buy the tickets – this outdoor event will be staged at the cricket ground in order to accommodate the sheer size of this production. Big is Beautiful If you like artsy-eco warrior type productions, or even if you don’t, you’ll enjoy As The World Tipped. Billed as “...a real life disaster movie in the sky,” this aerial theatre production tells an extraordinary tale of ecological crisis. Basically, there’s a big square above the ground serving as a stage, around seven artists who put trapeze work in a whole new frame of excellence, and some very cool lighting and sound effects. There’s a script too, which is what makes this production ground-breaking. Making drama out of climate change is on the bill. A harassed group of staff at a fictional (yet disturbingly “real” sounding) climate change conference get so caught up in bureaucracy, they fail to notice the world is literally imploding around them. Represented by a series of incredible sky tricks, light effects, sound effects and disaster-movie tropes we are all familiar with (thanks to Hollywood), the audience can delight to the use of the sky as part of the background. The use of nature and artistic stage machinery combines in a symphonic harmony that is quite beautiful to behold. I would advise you not to worry about trying to take pictures all the way through. Soak up the scale of environmental catastrophe and really try to feel it, “man”, ok? Ticket-goers please take note The tickets are free. Yes FREE! You can collect them in person at least one day ahead of the performance from the Grand Blackpool Theatre. This is an Arts Council England sponsored project. The group - led by Nigel Jamieson’s direction - have toured most of England and are well accomplished actors from the Wired Aerial Theatre. They’ve even performed this show in Sydney, Australia!  Make sure to wrap up warm and wear clothing suitable for the outdoors. Make sure you can lie down and look up. If you are thinking of seeing some theatre productions in Blackpool Town, why not stay with us at the Carn Brae Hotel in Blackpool. We are conveniently located a short walk from  the centre of Blackpool via the beachfront promenade.