Ashton Gardens St Annes

February 4, 2012 at 3:30 pm
Ashton Gardens St Annes lies in the centre of the village, and the main attraction is a bowling green, where, particularly in summer, you can watch people playing bowls and enjoying the lovely weather and fresh sea breezes. Glass of Pimms? Ashton Gardens St Annes is a grade II listed park of special interest, and is particularly proud of its rose garden. As we all know, roses bloom especially well, when they are grown from old bushes. The smell of them as you walk through the gardens imbues the air itself with the sweet scent of romance. The delights of Ashton Gardens St Annes Open daily from 9am to 7pm, a stroll around the ten acre gardens can take a while, with some interesting historic buildings to view from the Victorian and Georgian ages, and the features of various areas of the gardens. The gardens originate from 1874, and were originally known as St George’s Gardens, due to the fact that they are situated on St George’s Road. They were designed to provide a recreational area for the people of St Annes. In 1915 the council were considering selling the gardens for development, for housing and tourism, but a local man, Lord Ashton, stepped in and purchased the land for the people of St Annes. Now the gardens are known as Ashton Gardens. The topography of the gardens has been designed to protect the natural shape of the sand dunes it was built on. The additions of a rose and a rock garden have added to the variety of plants and fauna on display. A pavilion, built in 1956 adorns the centre of the gardens, and can be booked out for local celebrations and other events. More recent additions include a childrens hard standing play-ground area, and a skate park, which is very popular with teens and young adults. Modern improvements include public toilets, a cafe with a pleasant view over a lake garden, and a multi games and sports area, for a good kick around, or a proper game of five a side. On the lake you can hire a peddle boat and have fun cruising around the large central area of the park. In summer you will see many people picnicking and enjoying the pleasant atmosphere of Ashton Gardens St Annes, and a visit here is a lovely way to enjoy a sunny day south of the busy Blackpool resort.