Billy Fury Years

July 29, 2012 at 1:46 pm
Much loved musical legend Billy Fury had over 24 chart hits between the 50s and the 60s and remained a successful songwriter until the 80s. His loyal fans keep the legend alive and in 2012, Michael King brings to Blackpool “Billy Fury Years”. Showcasing the artist’s incredible talent, this tribute show is not to be missed. Liverpool Loves Billy Fury Liverpool born Fury first picked up a guitar aged 14. He adopted an Elvis Presley style stage presence with a lot of hip swivelling and of course, that famous quiff hairstyle. The Beatles once auditioned to be his back up band, and he liked them but wanted to sack Stuart Sutcliffe, which John Lennon refused to do. In 1973 he starred in a film about the Beatles called “That’ll Be The Day” with Ringo Starr and David Essex. By that time he was an accomplished film actor and was writing songs for Dean Martin and Ruby Winters. Tragedy Fury met a sudden death in 1983, dying at the young age of 42. Revered as an artist from Liverpool; a bronze statue of Billy Fury was unveiled in 2003 by the National Museum of Liverpool Life. To this day Billy Fury has many dedicated fans and is still a top selling artist. The posthumous release in 2008 of “His Wondrous Story – The Complete Collection” reached number 10 in the UK album charts. Michael King is Fury  Michael King’s show promises to be a well choreographed dedication to the legend of Billy Fury. The two hour show provides an authentic journey through the rock and roll years of Billy Fury, with King reviewed as very much like the star back then. All the hits are played, and thoughtfully put together to create an atmosphere that will transport you back in time. Look out for favourites such as: “Halfway to Paradise”; “It’s only make believe”; “Once upon a dream” and “I think you’re swell” – and if you are a real fan check out the You Tube videos where you can see Billy singing the songs as sung in his films. Dreamy! Most Blackpool Hotels can organise tickets for you in advance of your stay, or you can go direct to the website.  Billy Fury Years is touring August through to October and will be at the Blackpool Opera House. This stunning acoustic venue is the perfect setting for King to give Billy Fury fans the entertainment they long for.