Billy Pearce Laughter Show

September 28, 2011 at 12:22 pm
Billy Pearce got his big break as a comedian on TV’s New Faces in 1986. His seasonal shows at Blackpool’s Grand Theatre on the North Pier regularly sell out, and he has appeared in many Royal Variety Performances. Billy arrived on the comedy circuit quite late, being 32 when he reached the final of New Faces and went on to become a popular performer. Since that time, Billy has accumulated a string of show-business sellout performances and an impressive resume of co stars. Right Place, Right Time He has worked with the legendary Danny La Rue, and was the compere for the Cannon and Ball show, and this was swiftly followed by the invitation to begin his own comedy show at Blackpool’s Grand Theatre in 1988 where he has continued to perform each. Cannon and Ball was such a popular comedy show it outsold the Bruce Springsteen Tour, to give you an idea of how Billy Pearce and the comedy he worked with must have captured the nations’ laughter buttons. Rocket success followed as he fronted his own television series You gotta be joking, alongside doing the chat show and game show TV circuit. A household name, Billy was invited on to the Royal Variety Performance in 1991 and has appeared many times since. He has teamed up with other comediens, such as Tommy Trinder, solidifying that brand of comedy that takes a gentle dig at snobbery, delivered in gorgeous regional English accents. The late nineties saw Billy spring into action performing pantomimes, Cinderella, Aladdin, Snow White and Jack in the Beanstalk all proving to be runaway sellout shows. More recently he has guest starred on ITV’s Heartbeat, and two musical theatre productions for Boogie Nights and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This local boy from Leeds has not forgotten what it is like to be a young star, and just recently gave a guest slot on his summer tour to 8-year-old Ebony Jackson, when she won a local talent show, Barnsley’s Got Talent. The Billy Peace Laughter Show at Blackpool’s North Pier won an award in 2009 for the best show in Blackpool, as it had sold out to sensational reviews. With 2010 also selling out, 2011 is sure to be a hot ticket. For a good night out, that all the family can enjoy; (as Billy insists his jokes are fairly clean); get along to see the comedian whose famous catchphrase “Hiya boys and girls”, will have you in stitches from the start.