Blackpool Airport

August 28, 2011 at 11:03 am
It may surprise you to learn that Blackpool Airport services over one million air passengers each year and there is room for even more. Operating with domestic flights to Belfast, Isle of Man, Dublin and Jersey, the airport saw a great expansion in 2005 with the introduction of low cost carrier international services. chose Blackpool to base their aircraft and offer amazing flight deals to Ireland, Palma, Tenerife, Murcia and Alicante. Ryanair had been operating flights to Ireland since 2003, and decided to invest in international flights out of Blackpool to Barcelona, Alicante, Malaga and Faro in the same year. History Now known as the “Gateway to the North”, flying has been part of Blackpool since 1910, when the area known as Squire’s Gate land played host to air shows and local light aircraft. In 1936 an application to create an airport on the site saw it become the official airport for the area. The RAF commandeered the airport from 1939 to the end of World War II. This saw extensive building on the site including three runways and associated aircraft hangars to host Spitfire fighters. Three thousand Wellington bombers were test flown from the airport, as they were manufactured locally by the firm Vickers. This was the base from which aircraft were directed to protect cities as far as Liverpool from the German bombing raids. Civil Airport After the war, extensive investment by the Blackpool Corporation saw the building of a passenger terminal and facilities, and by 1967 the airport was incorporated into a private limited company (plc) with the Blackpool Council owning 100 percent of the shares. Since that time, the airport has been a top priority for development and investment and is regularly rated to be one of the top passenger favourites for air travel. The Horizon’s facility for departures boasts sleek decor with a range of contemporary snacks and refreshments, alongside internet access and duty free shopping. The main advantages to flying from Blackpool to international destinations are the fast, modern check in facilities and the short walk to the departure gates. This all combines to eliminate that feeling of “rushing” that so often spoils an airport experience.