Blackpool Airshow

July 24, 2010 at 2:54 pm
The newly re-developed Blackpool Promenade hosts the annual Blackpool Airshow on August 11 and 12, 2013. Stay for the weekend at one of the gorgeous Blackpool hotels nearby, and take advantage of this free event. The Blackpool Air Show History This year, for the first time since 1909, the Blackpool Air Show will be held over two afternoons between 2-4pm. Fun for the whole family includes a spectacular flight by the Brietling Wing Walkers, who perform acrobatics on the wings of the aircraft, the Boeing Stearman biplane. The Brietling wing-walkers took their name as homage to French aviator Louis Bleriot who famous for being the first light aircraft to cross the English channel from France in 1909. Battle of Britain over Blackpool's Skies The main action this year takes place between the North Pier and Central Pier. There are plenty of viewing spots, and the possibility to sit yourselves down in an outdoor cafe or pub garden, or take a picnic and sit on the Promenade itself or the beach. On Sunday at 2pm, the re-enactment known as The Battle of Britain flight display kicks off the airshow, with dashing Spitfires, Hurricanes, Lancasters dashing across the Lancashire skies. Daredevil Acrobatics over the Blackpool Promenade The TRIG display team are a new act this year, performing daring acrobatics in a coloured smoke-filled sky display from Pitts Special biplane circa 1940s. After holding your breath watching sky borne acrobatics the Calidus Gyrocopter provides a few laughs due to its quirky design and surprise appearance. Following this, a Hawker Hunter craft, a subsonic jet, proudly graces the skies. This RAF high speed jet aircraft was the first one they purchased, and is affectionately named Miss Demeanour. Military Aircraft Display over Blackpool The Vulcan bomber's incredible roar is a star performer, with jet power, high speed and a deafening noise this strategic bomber won't escape notice as it streaks the skies. Acrobatics from the crew manning the Extra 330SC light aircraft will set your teeth on edge once again after the Vulcan has passed. Following this, the classic and much loved RAF Typhoon makes an appearance, with RAF flyers showing their flight coordination skills in a thrilling sky display of alignment skills at high speed. The Red Arrows Finale The show is closed by the fabulous RAF Red Arrows, sorely missed last year; back with one of the most breathtaking displays of smoke filled sky flying, to bring the Blackpool Airshow to its conclusion. The entire program is repeated on Monday afternoon between 2-4pm, with the addition of a flyover of Dakota aircraft. Please enjoy the Blackpool Annual Airshow and consider making a long weekend of it. For all your accommodation or enquiries contact our friendly team at the Carn Brae Hotel Blackpool, and enjoy this fantastic free event.