Blackpool Airshow 2012

July 24, 2012 at 1:25 pm
The Blackpool Airshow hits the skies of Blackpool on August 12, 2012. This free event attracts thousands of onlookers as the daring stunt flying of the RAF and military pilots dress the sky in whirls of colour and noise. Top viewing spots include the Blackpool Tower and seafront near the Central Pier. Take a picnic or gather at one of the many restaurant and bar areas for prime positions on the day. It is a day out for all to enjoy and one you will most certainly remember. Highlights of the Blackpool Airshow 2012  RV8tors The RV8tors synchronised flying team soar through the sky overhead leaving jet plumes and the roars of the crowd in their wake. The skill of the team is apparent as they loop, swoop and climb through the sky, demonstrating considerable skill with their aircraft. Both pilots are airline captains with over 12,000 flying hours under their belts. Look out for the drawing of a white heart in the sky made of jet stream, as the dashing duo navigate to this feel-good finale. RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team The Falcons are a team of ten soldiers selected to showcase the skills of the Royal Airforce Parachute Regiments. Members of the Falcons train to be able to instruct other army soldiers and demonstrate parachute jumps to members of the public around the nation. You can spot the guys as they jump out of the C-130 aircraft plane by the plumes of red and white smoke that trails out behind them. The level of skill to produce pictures in the sky and level smoke lines shows the excellent training the RAF Falcons receive as part of the Display Regiment. Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Spitfire, Hurricane and Dakota Flight The historical flight of the Spitfire, Hurricane and Dakota craft make for a thrilling sight as the noise of the aircraft alongside the historical associations make for a memorable sight. These planes are originals, and are the closest thing to plane celebrities, as they are often used in films about World War II. With several other acrobatic aerial displays, wing walking and superb flying skills to see, the Blackpool Airshow is an event you must not miss if you visiting Blackpool in August. The show starts at 2pm and ends at 4pm. If you get lost trying to find the best viewing points speak to someone at any Blackpool Hotel for directions.