Blackpool Annual Bonfire and Fireworks Display

February 4, 2012 at 2:24 pm
A special event, the Blackpool Annual Bonfire and Fireworks Display is eagerly anticipated by residents and visitors.  Held at the Blackpool Cricket Park in West Park Drive on November 5th, many thousands of fireworks fans make their way to the Stanley Park Sports Complex to see the display. Blackpool Annual Bonfire and Fireworks Display is a great night out for everyone. Make sure you dress warm as the first week of November is when the weather drops in temperature and the scarves and beanie hats come out. Guy Fawkes Night One of the most enduring traditions in the UK has to be Guy Fawkes Night. The story goes that Guy Fawkes was part of the Gunpowder Plot, to blow up Parliament in 1604. The target of the assassination was King James I, a controversial monarch who persecuted those of the Catholic faith. Protestantism was enforced in England by the infamous Henry VIII, who installed James onto the throne, instead of the first born heir, Princess Elizabeth, who was a Catholic. Fawkes was born in York, and one can only surmise that due to the proximity of the area to Ireland and Scotland, that he was sympathetic to the Catholic cause. The fireworks night is named in his honour, as among the group of conspirators who placed gunpowder underneath the Westminster buildings, Fawkes was caught by a web of spies because his group had warned Catholics to stay out of the parliament opening. The parliament was brand new open to the public from November 5th. All the conspirators were caught and tortured, and each suffered a grisly death by execution. This involved being drawn from a horse and carriage, with their heads banging on the ground; followed by their genitals being cut off and burned; their hearts removed and disembowelling performed; decapitation and then all body parts left for The Tower Ravens to feast on. These were displayed, hung from London Bridge. The particularly grisly torture was a religious mockery of Catholic burial beliefs, that the body should be whole in order to pass into heaven, and then the person will be resurrected in body and spirit. To this day, many fireworks are named after Catholic Saints, such as the Catherine Wheel, after St Catherine-of-Alexandria who was meant to be burned on a rotating device that broke into flying pieces when her finger touched it. Enjoy  the Blackpool Annual Bonfire and Fireworks Display on November 5th.