Blackpool Beach

October 18, 2011 at 10:55 am
British beach lovers are flocking to seaside destinations in the UK this year, and figures from leading hotel sites show that Blackpool Beach and resort hotels are experience a 140% increase in bookings. With its combination of beautiful, sandy beaches, surf and a lively resort to visit, it is no wonder that many Brits are choosing a holiday at home this year. UK Hotel prices are at an all time low, due to the years of competition from cheaper European destinations, which had lured visitors away from England in the past. With the rise in the euro, and the impact of the Iceland volcanic ash cloud on flights, it is no wonder that many British families are looking to home again, to provide a fun, cheap and secure summer holiday. Miles of unspoilt beach Visitors to Blackpool can choose to stroll for miles on the sandy shores of Blackpool Beach. It is a place where you could hire a deckchair, or simply roll out your towels and have a relaxing time with a good book. There is plenty for younger children to do, from building sandcastles to looking for shells. Older children can take advantage of the fun the surf has to offer, body-surfing the waves or riding them on a foam surfboard. A real treat is to watch the sun set over the water, which can be done from the beach itself, or you could take advantage of the newly built Spanish Style Steps, which run along the coastline, providing an informal seating spot. The sea-side is the one place where the hours seem to melt away, and it is easy to spend a lot of time just relaxing, unwinding and swimming in the water. One of the things that makes Blackpool such a good resort to visit, is that it can cater to your every whim. If you are feeling like being in the thick of the action, you need only visit the resorts many attractions. If you want time to stop, you can step down to the beach and take a long stroll. For a perfect British seaside holiday, do visit Blackpool Beach when you are in the resort, and dip your toes into the sea and have a lovely, relaxing time.