Blackpool Bike Hire

October 30, 2011 at 2:57 pm
At over 40 locations in Blackpool, you can hire a bike for the day, by the hour, or as a member. The Blackpool Council in conjunction with the Blackpool Primary Care Trust has put in place the Hire-A-Bike network, designed to compliment tourism, encourage healthy living, and increase Blackpool’s eco-friendly footprint. Blackpool has created four specially signposted “Explorer Routes” to cater for tourism and sightseeing on bicycles. Named as one of Englands “Cycle Towns”, this green initiative is a great way for yourself, friends, or the family to safely cycle around the Promenade, Golden Mile, and inland attractions. Easy access The bikes are housed in gateway shelters and alongside great stops along the seafront and promenade areas, Stanley Park and Blackpool Zoo are signposted inland destinations. It is an especially good way to see Stanley Park, as there are several gateways in the park where you can leave the bikes for a while. The Blackpool Bike Hire scheme is modelled on those being used in European capitals at the moment, like Paris and Amsterdam. The gateways are also known as hubs, and the route markers can be easily spotted as you ride, as they are in the form of illuminated bike images on signposts. It is easy to pick up a bike and hire it. You can pay for a day or half day hire over the phone, receive a pin number which you put into the keyboard at the bike station. You can then return the bike later on to any station, not necessarily the one you hired it from, which makes things very convenient for combining walking with cycling. The best thing about cycling in Blackpool is that it is relatively flat, so you can enjoy a leisurely cycle without feeling like you have to train for a marathon. There are also quite low levels of car ownership, due to the strong public transport available in the form of trams and buses, so cycling is very pleasant and relatively free of pollution. Municipal cycling is a fairly new idea for the UK, and like many innovations that are eco-friendly, is very suitable to Blackpool. Using Blackpool Bike Hire facilities is an excellent way to get around the resort, and much quicker than walking, and just as pleasant.