Blackpool Bus Station

September 10, 2011 at 12:22 pm
Blackpool Bus Station, was constructed in 1938, Talbot Road Station was the centre of activity for buses and in 2002 the main bus station was relocated to nearby Market Street. This is to make way for the multi million dollar redevelopment project; The Talbot Gateway. It is part of this vision, which will be complete in 2011, that tourists will arrive into Blackpool North Railway Station and be able to access all of Blackpool and surrounding areas via this gateway.  Bus and Tram links will be on site, surrounded by a modern development of hotels, restaurants, cinemas and shops. Tourists can even take a ghostly bus tour at night and learn about Blackpool’s ghouls and hauntings.  Buses are a good way to get around Blackpool, with bus numbers 1 through to 20 taking you to all the central sights. Apart from the number 6 bus, which retired last year after 84 years in service. However, this is not the end for Blackpool buses, as they are usually handed to the Blackpool Tramcar Preservation Fund and converted into tram transport.  You can buy a fare for Blackpool’s buses from the first driver you see, there is no need to purchase from a central station, although you can purchase travel cards and tickets from Talbot Road Gateway. Pensioners and children under five can travel for free on the buses, including pensioners from all parts of England.  Before 2010 each bus had its own route colour which could be a bright blue, green or red and was painted with the contrasting colour of yellow. There were also black buses which could be substituted on any bus line if a colourful vehicle was not available that day. Now, Blackpool Transport has coloured all of the buses Black and Yellow, heralding a new phase in bus transport.  If you want an idea as to how buses have evolved in Blackpool over the years, you need only examine some of the converted trams and visit the Rigby Street depot which houses over 100 varieties of converted buses and railway cars. A colourful and varied snapshot of Blackpool’s history is on display here.  Blackpool buses are incredibly regular, and run late into the evening. They will take you anywhere that is considered popular, and given the large number of visitors each year to Blackpool, the bus system is surely the envy of the rest of the country, as it is so reliable, regular and convenient.