Blackpool Central Pier

February 4, 2012 at 2:29 pm
The Blackpool Central Pier is 500 metres away from the Blackpool Tower, so you can not miss it. If you take advantage of the viewing platform at the Tower, you can have a fantastic birds-eye-view of the length of the pier, which is 1,112ft long and reaches out to the Irish Sea. The original pier opened in 1868 and was a third longer in length. There was a determination by the Company to build the Blackpool Central Pier for the people, with the aim of fun and leisure activities to be part of the atmosphere. The pier provides entertainment such as dancing, roller-skating, rides and electronic amusement machines. Construction of Blackpool Central Pier The piles of concrete and cast-iron lie underneath the wooden decking. The techniques are similar to the appearance, and design of the North Pier, and have suffered little damage over time. Two fires in 1964 and 1973 were due to electrical faults, and the theatre buildings had to be redone. After 1986 the theatre came to be known as “Peggy Sue’s”, and is now famous for hosting “Central Pier; The Legends” musical theatre show. In 1990 the pier was enhanced by the addition of a Ferris Wheel, that was 30 metres high, and built in Victorian style. This is perhaps in homage to the old wheel that used to be in the Winter Gardens complex. The Blackpool Central Pier is well worth a look if only to admire the gorgeous cast-iron work, and its intricate patterning. There is a variety of entertainment and leisure activities to participate in, and The Central Pier Family Bar is particularly good value for eating out. There is also a tradional chippy to have fish and chips on the sea-side for lunch or evening meal. At the start of the pier the stalls and rides are fun to do, all the way through to the Big Wheel and the fantastic views on offer. The Helter Skelter is popular with teens, and the dodgems are always a favourite with families. The Central Pier is an enjoyable day out, and one of the reasons Blackpool has a reputation as one of the best sea-side resort towns in the UK. A visit to the Blackpool Central Pier, is an essential part of visiting Blackpool.