Blackpool Christmas Lights Annual Switch On 2012

November 1, 2012 at 7:02 pm
The inaugural Blackpool Christmas Lights Annual Switch On is a free event in Blackpool Town Centre that attracts thousands of seasonal revellers and locals alike. Launch night this year is Thursday 22nd of November and will be accompanied by live bands, professional choral acts and of course late night shopping. Head to St John’s Outside St John’s in the heart of the shopping area in the town centre you will find the enormous Christmas tree decorated each year with twinkling lights. The team who build and design the famous Blackpool Illuminations are also in charge of the Christmas Lights and this year is sure to be just as unique and special as 2011. Who is doing the official switch on? Every year this is a mystery and the information is only released hours before the star arrives. Additionally there will be a few up and coming popstar acts accompanying the mystery celebrity so you will just have to wait and see who turns up. Possibly the only event these days that keeps the talent top secret until the last minute, the Christmas Lights Switch on in Blackpool and in fact throughout the UK manages to maintain this quirky aspect. Whether this is because the celebrity is usually a crowd pleaser for the teenagers present might be a factor. It certainly seems to result in some loud screaming each year, which adds to the excitement and buildup! Christmas Food and Drink Court You can always dull your sense of sound before the switch on by moseying about the Christmas food and drink court, eating some hotdogs, sauicisson, drinking hot vin chaud or having a couple of shots of flavoured spirits of all colours and tastes. The stand up Christmas market and food stalls are a huge hit at the moment, with everyone enjoying the friendly atmosphere and the chance to talk to friends and strangers alike – outdoors! Santa’s Grotto This opens to the kids for the first time at the Christmas Lights Switch On so if you want to be the first to see Santa, make sure you get into the queue early! Otherwise a good time to go is usually early in the morning during the weekdays – though I’m not saying you should take time off school! Dr Who and the Tardis This year there will be a special Christmas display featuring all your favourite characters from Dr Who and you will be able to go inside a massive Tardis to visit them.