Blackpool Festival Sand Sea and Spray

June 21, 2013 at 3:25 pm
The Annual Sand, Sea and Spray Festival blew up a storm of creative art at Blackpool in June 2013. Forty leading urban artists took part hailing from four continents around the world. Make sure you secure a Blackpool Hotel booking quickly to take advantage of specials for these kinds of cool weekends Blackpool is famous for. Part of the fun is painting contemporary designs onto the famous Blackpool Trams. This year there Bristol artist "Inkie", painted a classic art nouveau design featuring a woman's face 70's hairstyle onto the Queen's Diamond Jubilee tram. The exhibition wasn't without controversy either, with crowds mourning the loss of a wall art piece entitled Red DJ girl. Smug came to the rescue and painted a brand new piece called The Magician, which was very well received. Local Blackpool Artists Host International Street Art Festival In Blackpool's Deansgate area, local artist Robin Ross has put together the event for the last few years. His Old Rock Factory art hub hosts the events, which is fast becoming a destination stop for the world's leading urban street and contemporary artists. What's interesting about the Sand, Sea and Spray Blackpool Festival is that many of the artists' works grace local walls and the sides of buildings. Graffitti artists from all over the world come together to get inspired and demonstrate their considerable talents. It will be interesting to see if Poundland Blackpool tries to nick any of the work and flog it off in New York to Christies! Then again, maybe that only happens if you are as notorious as Bansky. This Street Art Exhibition is Free! The Blackpool Sand, Sea and Spray Festival exhibition of amazing street art happens to be 100% free to all ages. You can wander the streets of Blackpool and take photos and have a look at the huge display of enormous art spraypainted onto display boards and walls of famous buildings.  See displayed work at the North Pier Sun Lounge, Deansgate Art Hub, the Adelaide Street Car Park and Central Drive, and also at the Palatine Road Car Park. Check out the works at Church Street and the Blackpool Winter Gardens. If you want to know what's happening in the world of urban street art at the cutting edge check out the festival each June. Blackpool has amazing places to stay for all your holiday needs. Make sure you contact our friendly team all at the Carn Brae Hotel Blackpool for all your accommodation enquiries and for directions and maps around the town so you can see all the art!