Blackpool Football Club

September 20, 2011 at 1:32 pm
Blackpool Football Club fans are well known for their boisterous support of the Tangerines. Affectionately named after the orange and white club colours, this team composed from a surprisingly small region in England, managed to reach Premier League level for 2010/2011 season. Unfortunately they were relegated to Championship League for 2011/2012. Bloomfield Road, home of the Tangerines, has always been regarded as an intimidating place for visiting sides to play. Recent refurbishment has seen the capacity of the stands increase to 18,000 with the hope that this year, crowds will be attracted to the Championship League matches, and increase from the loyal 10,000 or so who have attended faithfully in the years prior. Traditions In Blackpool fairground style, the football team attracted a club of supporters in the 1940s known as The Atomic Boys. They would dress in outlandish Tangerine fancy dress outfits borrowed from the local Louis Tussard’s waxworks, the great grandson of Madame Tussard. Dressing up continues to this day, and the official club supporters are now known as The Seasiders. The club has also been included in the predictions of a fortune teller, when Uri Geller warned them not to wear their old colours of blue and white, or else they would face defeat. Ignoring the seer, as most rational people do, the club wore the gear in 1997 to a Bristol City away match and suffered their first defeat of the season. According to Uri Geller, this is due to the lack of physic energy he said the colours would cause. When your football club has an anthem called “We follow Blackpool” by the Nolan sisters, you know you are dealing with a place with followers who are hooked on the celebrity performances and entertainment aspects of their home town. Blackpool fans are known for their acoustic singing at different points in matches and for different reasons, with Fat Boy Slim songs, the Beach Boys and Status Quo all getting a look in. The Blackpool Football Club formed in 1887, and was successful in winning two items of silverware that year. A team was born, and the club has gone from strength to strength, and is now established as a major English club to be reckoned with. They have recently broken their own transfer record with Liverpool Football Club paying £7-million pounds for the transfer of Charlie Adams. The current manager is Ian Holloway, and the Blackpool Football Club is owned in the majority by Owen John Oyston. If you manage to catch a game while visiting, warm up your vocal chords first.