Blackpool Grundy Art Gallery

December 28, 2010 at 9:44 am
Blackpool is known for many things, but none more than its rich history in culture and the arts. For any visitor to this region, be sure not to miss out on the chance to revel in one of the most historically rich places in the world today. Following in that very same tradition, the Blackpool Grundy Art Gallery is a fine spot for anyone to start their art appreciating. Open on 6 days a week, closed only on Sundays and Public Holidays, the Blackpool Grundy Art Gallery is definitely an attraction you have no reason of missing at all. Getting to the Blackpool Grundy Art Gallery is easy as well with many transport services available to aspiring visitors. It is situated only 5 minutes by foot away from the Blackpool North Train Station and less than 10 minutes from the North Pier Town Centre. The Blackpool Grundy Art Gallery keeps true to Blackpool’s rich historical tradition and was built way back in 1908. However, it was not until 3 years later, in 1911, that the art gallery officially opened its doors to the members of public. Almost a whole century later today, the BlackpoolGrundy Art Gallery still boasts one of the best collections of art pieces in the United Kingdom and around the world. Showcasing rare and exclusive pieces of art from around the country, the BlackpoolGrundy Art Gallery is filled with special items loaned from institutes from around the United Kingdom. In addition to these amazing pieces, it also has its own exclusive set of art pieces and items that is available for viewing all year round. Interested folks will also be glad to discover that the BlackpoolGrundy Art Gallery does its best to promote culture and art in this day and age where it is seeing an unfortunate decline in interest. The gallery magnanimously reserves space for some of the new and aspiring artists to showcase their artistic talents to the world and share with us their wonderful masterpieces. In addition, interested visitors will be able to bring home a piece of history with them as a memento. The art gallery has a small store that specializes in artist-made jewelry. It also sells exclusive and rare collectibles such as art journals, exhibition publications, creative toys and the like. The Grundy Art Gallery is truly one of the main attractions in the Blackpool area. Whether or not you are an art appreciator, please make it a point not to miss out on visiting this sensational venue.