Blackpool Guest Houses

November 23, 2011 at 2:15 pm
There are a comprehensive range of Blackpool Guest Houses to choose from. A guest house may be a family run bed and breakfast, an owner managed hotel, or a large home with partially converted accommodation for guests. They tend to be a less expensive option, than a larger chain hotel complex, and offer the benefit of being conveniently located, more private and able to accommodate larger family groups and friend parties. Those looking for a guest house in Blackpool will be visiting because there are a host of attractions to see in the area, including the Big One rollercoaster, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, the Blackpool Tower complex and the Tower Circus and newly opened Tower Eye, not to mention the fabulous North, Central and South Piers with their unique cultures and histories attached. Guest Houses are Friendly Venues Family run or hotel owner managed guest houses pride themselves on being friendly, welcoming and a little bit unique. Quirky options may present themselves, alongside unusual art deco buildings with all original features attached. Many feel like private homes, and are run that way too, so there are always people around to give you advice on what to see and do when you stay in Blackpool. The unique combination of guest house accommodation, which belongs firmly to the England of the past, and the new, whizzy modern attractions of Blackpool’s fun fair rides and carnival atmosphere, makes visiting the town a lot of fun. Bed and breakfast is always provided, and this hearty meal should see you through the day, until you are tempted by one of the promenade restaurants or many meal combinations and offers you will come across. Slightly outside of town you can visit Stanley Park, with its gorgeous Victorian Heritage features and miniature model village world to see. Blackpool Zoo is well worth the trip and has many fun activities for children, and a large range of animals to see along the way. A visit to the Blackpool castle may interest you, or the Blackpool caves. Blackpool has a long and interesting history, and the Blackpool Museum can shed some light for you on the reason why the town is named Blackpool. A guest house is the perfect accommodation in a town that receives six million visitors a year. For that personal touch, stay in a guest house or hotel owner managed accommodation.