Blackpool Hairdressing Championships 2012

February 3, 2012 at 8:46 pm
One place you won’t find anyone having a bad hair day in March is The Blackpool International Hair and Beauty Festival. Hosting the annual Blackpool Hairdressing Championships 2012. Held each year in the impressive Winter Gardens Ballroom, the transformation of the dance-floor into the world’s biggest beauty salon is a sight to behold. Take a handkerchief to breathe through if you don’t like the smell of hairspray. The competition is fierce for the coveted original styling trophy, alongside the colour technical gong. There are demonstrations live, with the latest hair styles and make up colours and applications taken straight from the catwalk and into the high street. A hairdressing feast You can find everything trade here, with the latest hair dryers; straightening tongs; curlers; lash curlers; colour palettes; dyes; scissors and nail polish; the list is endless. There is a wide range of expert advice available also, so if you have a pressing beauty or hair question you need answered, this is one of the best places in the world to get that advice. Now there is such a thing as celebrity in the hairdressing world and if you visit the Blackpool Hairdressing Championships 2012 you might be able to see Sinead Kelly and Andrew Barton, who are famous for styling the famous. The Blackpool event has given many hairdressers the start they needed, and introduced them to the contacts in this competitive world, where you are only as good as your last cut. Categories for the competitiors on offer include the coveted Ladies Avant Garde, asking for an artistic interpretation of hair; Best Aged make-up, asking competitors to create a theatrical effect; Afro Carribean styling; styling shop mannequins and mythological creatures; creating nail art cocktails; progressive and freestyle men’s hair and that is just for the hairdressing trainees. In the “World Skills” event for the more experienced hairdressers and beauty artists, there are categories for weddings and events, catwalk, shop store mannequin models, photographic, and freestyle creative sections. The international competition draws a fine selection of UK hairdressers together to compete against their peers. The Blackpool Hairdressing Championships 2012 will be held between March 11 – 14th next year, and is a colourful and lively event not to be missed.