Blackpool Model Village

December 4, 2010 at 1:08 pm
Blackpool Model Village, Situated in the beautiful city of Lancashire, the Blackpool Model Village is the one place which any tourist will never want to give a miss to. Recognized as an award winning attraction among the many intriguing tourist spots in Blackpool, the Model Village spans across 2.5 acres of land filled with various enchanting landscaped gardens, making it an excellent venue to enjoy some peace and tranquil, away from your daily routine life full of stress and hecticness. The moment you step foot into the Blackpool Model Village, you will be greeted with a view of entertaining hand crafted figures and models lying within the captivating scenery, which almost seems to be a straight replica of an artistic oil painting. Walking down the paved pathway and across the gardens, you can have a wonderful experience back in time. Ranging from a huge castle of Scottish descent under the heavy surveillance of foot soldiers to a Cornish rural settlement relying on fishing as the livelihood, you can learn about the life of local people a few decades ago. What’s more, a huge array of historical buildings can be found in each and every bend within the Blackpool Model Village, such as Tudor mansions and thatched huts. There is even figurines of local residents who are in the middle of a cricket match on the lush meadow in the village. There are various interesting events being organized all year round in Blackpool Model Village, for instance the “Spot the Mole” pursuit. In the season when moles are thriving and roaming across the gardens, if you are one of the lucky few to catch sight on them, you can enjoy some free candy from the committee. For some extra fun and excitement, you can also engage yourself in participating in a quiz and track down every single novel village scenes when exploring the gardens. There are frequent promotions available every now and then, in which you can obtain discount vouchers online for an even more affordable trip to the venue. Being a truly magnificent attraction, there is even a gift shop stationed within Blackpool Model Village. Before you decide to bid farewell to the top tourist attraction in Blackpool, remember to check out the shop to purchase some souvenirs for your friends. Open all year round from morning till dark, you will never miss any opportunity to visit the fabulous gardens for an unforgettable experience.