Blackpool Opera House and Al Murray

June 19, 2013 at 8:45 pm
The beginning of July 2013 sees Al Murray, also known as The Pub Landlord, return with vigor to the Blackpool Opera House. The new tour titled "The Only Way is Epic" is clearly the funnyman's answer to recent "reality" TV shows that claim their way is the only way! Ladies of a certain age, and demeanour, would agree that an evening with Al Murray is every bit as exciting (if not more so) as watching the young sprites who grace our TV screens these days. Returning to your Blackpool Hotel after a night lounging around with the man who is Al Murray, having split your sides with laughter, is something you will look forward too. With Al Murray, there is such a thing as exhausting yourself with giggles. Al Murray Brings the House Down in Blackpool 2013 Rumours are circulation with punters posting reviews for "The Only Way is Epic" tour online. One reviewer comments he enjoyed a "Brilliant night, laughed so much partner told me to be quiet in case Al heard me." Regulars will know when Al Murray shines the spotlight in your direction you had better beware - or have top-class heckling skills. Just who goes and sits in the front row anyway? Al Murray Brings Up The Important Stuff in Blackpool With Scottish devolution hot on everyone's lips in Blackpool and the rest of the North of England, the potential invasion of a bunch of hostile, and newly independent 'kilt' wearing fiends is something Murray is keen to discuss. Or is it explain? Or is it reveal? You can tell Murray is a comedian in touch with the people as the banking crisis gets another serve for the third year running. I guess his main message without being a spoiler, is YES Westminster, we are all still MORE THAN ANNOYED. And who knows where he is going with comparisons to "The Only Way is Essex?" Could it be the last refuge for folks wanting to avoid sword-waving Scots who've just realised independence hasn't helped them find their money - stolen by the bankers - either? The only way not to spoil Murray's comedic show of political bad manners and ribald wit is to guess! To find out if I'm on the mark, when you are visiting Blackpool why not get tickets to see Al Murray, or any one of the regular excellent acts that visit Blackpool Opera House  and Winter Gardens. Our friendly team at the Carn Brae Hotel in Blackpool will be pleased to take your bookings and enquiries today on +44 01253 345 938.