Blackpool Punk Festival 2012

October 15, 2011 at 12:49 pm
It is almost anti-punk to write a constructive article about the Blackpool Punk Festival 2012. Punk culture embraces disorganisation, chaos and anarchy and when it hit the world in force in the early 1970s and early 80s it changed the way people viewed the ‘establishment’. The UK and most notably, London, led the way with punk music, fashion, and arts concepts exploding onto the scene. Many iconic images of that time live on in the punk fashions of today. One major impact of punk was that it could be said to have created artists like Andy Warhol, who’s image of the Campbell’s soup tin, repeated and re-coloured on many canvasses, designed to communicate that the world was becoming homogenous. We were all consuming the same stuff and behaving like robotic machines. Punk today That is why punk has survived to become a movement that is still wholeheartedly embraced by many. It praises the individual, and demands a place for the colourful; the eccentric; the character; in all of us. Some might say that these are also traditional British values; to be liberal, tolerant, and embrace diversity. It is easy to see why punk has flourished and continued to be a force that resists conformity. The Blackpool Punk Festival 2012 next summer, runs for four days in August, from the 2nd to the 5th and will be headlined by hard punk rock outfit, Rancid, from the USA. Formed in California in 1991, this band proves that to be the most desirable headliners ever, and Rebellion 2012 organisers say they’ve had them on the ‘we want’ list for years, you have to earn your stripes on the punk scene. Rancid have release seven studio albums and hit the big time with their single “Salvation” off the “Let’s Go” album which to my ears, carries shades of Ska influences in the rhythm sections. Childhood friends Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman, who front the band, came from working class roots in urban California, proving that you can still make it to the big time. This bangs a chord with punk rockers. Blackpool Punk Festival 2012 hosts over 25 talented punk rock bands and is a fairly intimate affair, with only 1500 tickets available. The gigs take place in the Winter Gardens complex, and I think it is fitting that a movement like punk, which still shakes us all out of our conformist daydreams, is set in a venue that breathes artistic vibes through its century old architecture and beauty.