Blackpool Ride the Lights 2013

July 7, 2013 at 11:49 am
Enjoy Ride The Lights on August 27th 2013 and travel by bicycle along the newly regenerated Blackpool Promenade.  See the delightful Blackpool Illuminations light up the night in advance of the official switch on. The event is enormously popular with locals and visitors alike, with over 15,000 taking part each year and riding the six mile route from the south of Blackpool to the centre of town. Familes and Friends Enjoy Ride the Lights The brand new light displays can be seen during this sneak preview event, as the ride takes place between 8 and 10 pm in the evening. The ride is incredible fun for all the family and visitors as Blackpool locals and visitors dress in costumes, celebration outfits, and enjoy outdoor barbeques, picnics and general merriment along the route and afterwards. This is the 101st year of the Illuminations; a tradition in Blackpool where a lighting feast for the eyes adorns Blackpool every winter season in this busy holiday resort town. Light displays from artisans decorate the promenade, piers, and central town area, right up until January. The effect is truly dazzling and hails back to the history of Blackpool, being the first town to use electricity and electric lighting in the last century. Ride The Lights is a Community Event to Enjoy and Relax Midsummer night bicycle racing during Ride the Lights, is a chance to enjoy a leisurely community event. It is most definitely not a race, and a chance to have fun, and enjoy the vibrant community spirit of Blackpool. Dedicated Marshalls and Supervisors are all along the route to help with any directions or emergencies that arise. Ride From the South to the North Pier One of the best aspects of the ride is it is a chance to ride a traffic free route all the way from the Starr Gate near the South Pier, to the North Pier finish line, where you can enjoy the camaraderie of live entertainment and the festival atmosphere. Ride the Lights 2013 encapsulates the celebration of the annual Blackpool Illuminations that have dressed Blackpool for winter for over a hundred years.  Our Carn Brae Hotel Blackpool is most conveniently located near the South Pier starting point, so bring your bicycle get in touch with us on 01253 345938, for all your accommodation enquiries.