Blackpool Sandcastle Waterpark

October 30, 2011 at 2:46 pm
A leisurely stroll down the Great Promenade to the south end will lead you to the Blackpool Sandcastle Waterpark. This attraction is very popular and has increased in visitors by 20% every year for the past three years. So, what’s the big draw? Waterslides seem to be something that appeals to children and teenagers universally, and for any adults who remember the joy of riding slides, they are a big draw for them too.  There is no special rate for spectators so mums, dads and all ages are encouraged to get moving and take those slides on. Top facilities The Blackpool Sandcastle Waterpark boasts top facilities including an adult steam and sauna facility, fully catered snack options, arcade game features and swimming pools for junior tots and adults. With 18 super slides on offer, the park will keep you very busy and super fit if you choose to take advantage of multi-pass options. Like all Blackpool attractions, the park has invested in a unique ride, the Atzec Falls slide, the completely in-the-dark slide. Housed within an Atzec Temple, it is a lay down on your mat slide for serious riders, with a steep dark chute followed by several spins and turns and a corkscrew exit. The second big opener for 2012 is the Montazooma slide, which continues the Atzec Hopi tribe theme. This ride involves the sensation of falling at high speed down steep 360 degree loops. This is meant to represent the giddy heights the Montazuma cave dwellers lived in when they chiselled high rise dwellings into cliff faces way back in 700AD, in Arizona. The Sandcastle Waterpark has won two Lancashire and Blackpool Tourism Awards for 2011, including best Large Visitor Attraction and the diversity award, Best Accessibility. There are specialist areas within the park specific to parents and toddlers, including swimming lessons that can be booked at no extra cost. These kinds of services have proven very successful in attracting repeat visits from the millions of tourists that descend upon Blackpool each year. Dedicated park mascots, Bling and Balula provide fun antics to entertain children. For those who want to experience the more daring rides in the park, there is the Master Blaster, the Hyperzone and the . The Master Blaster is 250 metres in length and operates as a water roller-coaster. It is the longest indoor water coaster in the world, and also has sections where you travel uphill, powered by water jets. The Blackpool Sandcastle Waterpark is a great day out for all ages, and is situated opposite the Pleasure Beach resort.