Blackpool Sea Front

September 17, 2011 at 11:58 am
Attractions on Blackpool sea front, bold and brassy sea front resort sites like Bold and brassy, colourful and lively, the Blackpool Sea Front is host to a myriad of things to see and do. At high tide, a walk through the lower promenade takes you down to the sprawling beach where you have your choice of places to stop. Traditionally, a sandy beach attracts sandcastle builders, and Blackpool attracts those who like to think of themselves as handy at construction. There is always an enormous creation to admire, built by a busy bunch of children, with mum or dad there to do the heavy work required for moat building. Sandcastle building is a talking point, and is part of Blackpool’s seaside charm, in the sense that you can stop and chat with fellow holiday makers and feel that you are all part of something special. Clean sandy beaches tempt you to stop, with good waves for body-surfing and body boarding for the active family. The newly created People’s Beach has three kilometres of sea front developed especially for those who like to spend a day on the beach and make their own fun. There is a spectacular view down the beach of even white sand one way, and the Blackpool Tower the other. Night time fun If you want to watch the sun go down in the west before heading out for the evening, you can sit on the Spanish Style steps underneath the Blackpool Tower, and enjoy the view. Depending on the tide, you can stroll the lower promenade at dusk and watch the local sea anglers fishing. Blackpool has always had good fishing and the local catch includes smoothhounds, a rather large 2-3 foot fish that is primarily fished for sport. Sometimes a bass, rock fish or thornback ray is caught. Low tide fishing can be quite exhilarating to watch, as the tide shifts quickly and in the right conditions the fish are biting and quite a battle commences between fish and man.  The promenade is lined with attractions that make Blackpool a model sea front resort town. Fun fair rides, candy rock stands, donkey rides, and local eateries. You can take a ride on the famous ‘Big One’ rollercoaster which overlooks the sea. At night time the Blackpool Sea Front is a lively nightspot with bars and clubs, and cabaret shows to be enjoyed.