Blackpool Soul Weekender

October 18, 2011 at 11:17 am
The Blackpool Tower will again host the 7th annual Blackpool Soul Weekender, a celebration of soul music, covering the scene’s forty year history in the form of a dance championship. Northern Soul and Motown will be on in the Empress Ballroom, with Modern Soul in the Circus.  There will be connoisseur soul in the walkway area, and this is all arranged so that for the entire weekend, the Blackpool Tower will be jumpin’. But that’s not all. There is a variety of music displays with famous soul artist such as Andy Davies and Terry Jones performing, Pat Reddy and Chris O’Donnell and Rod Allsworth and Jimmy Scriv. Traditionally for the older generation, there is so much variety on offer, including interpretations by younger soul DJs, Soul Sam and Jay Cee spring to mind, that are sure to enthuse and inspire younger attendees to the event. A feast of music With tickets allowing you to sample all areas of the Blackpool Tower and Winter Gardens complex, there is a lot of entertainment that all of the family can enjoy. The World Northern Soul Dancing Championship is worth considering, the dancing reminds me of a combination of break-dancing with jazz and motown mixed in. Northern soul fans say a dancers heart must be connected to their feet, and there are a lot of knee drops, leg splits and spins in this dance style. Many songs herald from the 60s Rhythm and Blues groups like The Valentinos, Eddie Parker, Jimmy Raye and The Del Larks, which for anyone not involved in this niche music movement, will not be familiar names. What is familiar is the beat. It is music that you can move to, and by the looks of the audience, it seems no one is immune to the need to move while listening to it. High energy is everywhere and it is an atmosphere reminiscent of the 60s, with peace and shades of Woodstock type outfits floating past the busy, low lit corridors. Most of the competitiors are in their late teens and early twenties, no doubt because the ability to jump and slide on your knees, like a footballer does when scoring a goal, is a talent that we all know only stretches to a certain age. Worthy of a look-see the Blackpool Soul Weekender is really a celebration of the independent music artists, and the dancers, DJs and clubs that keep the soul alive, across the world.