Blackpool Stanley Park

October 30, 2011 at 1:46 pm
Stanley Park has four quarters; north, south, west and east; and each quarter houses a delightful outdoors activity for all the family to enjoy. Whether it is as simple as a round of golf and a coffee afterwards in the gorgeous Art Deco clubhouse, or the chance to take in the view by a lazy lakeside, Blackpool Stanley Park has something for everyone. The Northern quarter golf course covers 18 holes and has a delightful rose garden which has been attended since the park opened in 1920. The scent of the roses, and the pace of the course is just right for a pleasant round of golf, plenty of trees and trellises, followed by afternoon tea at the central cafe. The Southern quarter is a favourite for children to play in, and has an extensive array of children’s mobile play equipment, outdoor climbing frames, wooden swings, slides, and of course, much space to run around in. The famous Model Village is here too, and is a lovely attraction to visit, and contains a miniature version of village life, which is just stunning. The Eastern quarter is my personal favourite, as you can play mini golf and have a giggle, and then rent a rowing boat and go out on the lake and show off your stroke. You can view the ornate bandstand and amphitheatre here, and if you are lucky, you can catch a free music event going on. The Western quarter contains a cricket ground, with ample viewing spots, three sports halls and a gym containing a climbing wall. For the sporty minded, you can catch the Blackpool Cricket Club in action, or perhaps practising for their next match. The park is Grade II listed and as it began in the Victorian era there are many features to take photographs of, particularly the iron trellis railings against the lake, and the public fountains which are quite grand. There are bridges, and buildings that all represent the era, and it is certainly a good opportunity to take photographs of the family, as the light from the trees is very complimentary. You can partake in all of the attractions in the park in one day, and for a less pressurised day out, it is a good activity to do at a slower pace. Take a picnic with you. For a day outdoors, check out Blackpool Stanley Park and you will not be disappointed.