Blackpool Tower

December 8, 2010 at 11:38 pm
Blackpool Tower, Standing at a height of 518 feet in Lancashire, Blackpool Tower is one of the numerous tourist attractions in Blackpool. It was first open in 1894 and took more than 2490 tons of steel and around 93 tons of cast iron to construct. The oldest portion inside the tower is easily the aquarium, which existed by itself before the tower was even erected. Other than that, there are other major features within the tower, namely circus, ballroom, Jungle Jim and the newly-added dungeon. Circus - Mooky the clown will be there to deliver a stunning show, along with Bubu and a huge lineup of world renowned performers. The producer of the circus, Laci Endresz, has included a live band to play all the background music and sound effects for every performance. Ballroom – The ballroom is the venue for you to showcase your dancing skills together with fellow enthusiasts. The organ will be played according to a fixed schedule, by a team of skilled organists consisting of Chris Hopkins, David Lobban, John Bowdler and Phil Kelsall MBE. Every year, the Blackpool Junior Dance Festival will be organised in the ballroom. Other than that, it has also been a host of various rock concerts thanks to its spacious ballroom floor, measuring 120 foot by 120 foot. Jungle Jim – An indoor playground with an ancient theme of a lost city, Jungle Jim’s Towering Adventureland is a place where children can have immense fun navigating through the area, in an attempt to locate the hidden treasure. Humungous Inca Gods will be guarding the city, and you will need to advance through a series of slides, swings and climbing before you can reach the goal. Dungeon – A latest addition to Blackpool Tower, it will be featuring a spine-chilling ride through the dark, spooky dungeon filled with monsters. A true test of bravery, if you think you are up to the challenge, you must check out this attraction when it is open in 2011. In the Blackpool Tower, you can take a trip to the top of the tower and will be able to catch sight of North Wales on a clear day. The Isle of Man can be seen at dusk as well. Furthermore, there is an enclosed area with the floor made of completely transparent glass. Known as the Walk of Faith, you will be able to turn your head down and see the streets underneath you from a height of 380 foot.