Blackpool Tower Circus

September 10, 2011 at 10:41 am
Blackpool Tower Circus is one of only four circuses in the world that can submerge the ring performance area in water, it is worth seeing this show for the Grand finale alone! The way the water feature is used, how the act is constructed, is always changing under the guidance of Laci Endresz Senior.  A graduate from the Hungarian Circus School, Laci began circus life as a flying trapeze artist, and spent 25 years perfecting his craft. As a fifth generation circus performer, he was well placed to become the producer and director of Blackpool’s Tower Circus, where he has been at the helm for 19 years.  World class performances  The circus resides at the base of the Blackpool Tower, and as you enter and sit down you can marvel at the ornate ceiling, which forms the base of the tower, and is breathtaking. Brightly coloured performers hawking trinkets and advertising face painting and photographs all add to the interval atmosphere.  Prepare yourself for a two hour performance consisting of acrobatics, drummers, dancers and jugglers from all over the world.  Witness the daring Cuban Flying Havanas on the trapeze and the Zulu acrobats building a human pyramid that looks impossible, and heavy, for the acrobats at the base of the structure. A marvel!  No circus would be complete without the clowns, and Lace Endresz Senior has not let us down. His two sons masquerade as Mooky and Bubu, alternately introducing acts, making lots of funny jokes, performing together and as individuals, and frequently going off script leading to much hilarity.  All the performers have a natural rapport, creating a happy atmosphere that is really infectious. There is something special about this circus, which may be the result of a long history of thrilling its audience and making them smile. The famous clown, Charlie Cairoli, is honoured in the Blackpool Tower Circus with his own exhibition, as he stayed with the circus for 39 years.  If you are visiting Blackpool and you have not been to the circus be sure not to miss out. This is a most enjoyable attraction, for all ages, whether you want to marvel at the skilled performances, or giggle your socks off at the clowns!  A tip from the locals: Visitors to the 117 year old Blackpool Tower Circus, are wise to arrive early and buy tickets several hours in advance.