Blackpool Tower Dungeon

September 10, 2011 at 10:47 am
Blackpool Tower Dungeon is opening on the first of September, the Blackpool Dungeon asks you; “Dare you enter?” With ten scary, chilling and creepy attractions within it, the dungeon is not to be missed.  Over one thousand years of dark history presents itself to you, beginning with the reason why the pool is black – and therefore where the name of Blackpool comes from. So as you and your family are screaming yourselves hoarse, you can console yourself with the fact that it is educational.  Ghouls, Ghosts and Punishments  Medieval judges bang gavels from the edges of the chamber and shout out, punishing all sorts of crimes with harsh sentences, including those for witchcraft and robbery. There is a moat containing pus and bile representing the Plague and plaques decorate the surrounding walls explaining the history and how many people from Blackpool survived it. A clue – not that many.  Now, the fun truly begins in with the torture chamber and you can try out some of these instruments of death and learn about their macabre applications. Then see if you can escape the dreadful dungeon by figuring out the labyrinth maze with its twisted tunnels and murky mirrors throughout.  Still trapped within, a surprise attack by Vikings is next, and you need to outrun them in order to safeguard yourselves and your village from attack! By now, if you have not been transported back in time and by the charms of the dungeon, you are sure to laugh yourselves silly as you outrun men wearing shaggy coats and horned helmets shouting “AAAArrrrgh!!  Just as you managed to catch your breath, a hoard of pirates descend and demand your gold, and in case you are wondering if pirates form part of Blackpool’s history, you get the chance to ask the pirates themselves – if you dare. You will find out the history of the Skip Pool smugglers who had a very lively trade throughout Lancashire and eventually formed permanent settlements.  Next the Pendle woods await you and the creepy atmosphere and mist reveals the Witchfinder General doing what he does best. Seeking out, capturing and hanging witches. To escape the Blackpool Dungeon you need to take an extreme measure, literally. The “Extremis” is the final ride, pitched as the drop ride to doom, and will set your adrenaline pumping as you sink fast into ... the doomed depths of the dungeon!