Blackpool Tower Eye

September 10, 2011 at 11:11 am
Blackpool Tower Eye The grand re opening of the Blackpool Tower on September 1st was much anticipated as it is the result of a multimillion pound restoration spend by its new owners, The Merlin Group, alongside the European Development Fund and Blackpool Council.  Blackpool Tower has been reignited with the design of the Tower Eye. Through this multi-observational viewing platform installed at the top of the tower, it is possible to see all sides of Blackpool life. Be prepared to be looking out at a height of 158m (518 ft 9 inches).  Sky-walking The promenade, tramway, and fun seekers walking below the building are visible too, as you can stand on the daring glass skywalk and see all the way down. This ceiling to floor experience is not for those who experience vertigo – but then again, maybe this could be the cure for it!  In addition to this sky high thrill, there is an experiential 4D cinema. Now you might have seen 3D in action and understand how things pop out at you, so what does a 4D experience hold? It can be a combination of physical experiences such as rain, wind, strobe lights, and vibration. The use of water sprays and air jets can spurt out at you. Sunshine, flowers and bees float around you. The seats may even vibrate and move in response to what you are watching.  The Blackpool Tower is of course inspired by the Eiffel Tower in London and is a member of the World-wide Federation of Towers. It is a Grade 1 listed building and was first opened in 1879. The Tower could be thought of as the centre of the Blackpool entertainment heart, and is a must see attraction.  At the moment admission is free to the Blackpool Tower Eye and 4D Cinema experience so make sure you go along and enjoy yourselves. Afterwards - if you still have your tummy intact -  there is a variety of restaurants and bars within the complex to enjoy, alongside the new Tower Dungeons attraction at the base of the Tower.