Blackpool Tower Soul Weekender

November 9, 2012 at 12:59 pm
The annual Northern Soul Weekender at the Blackpool Tower takes place between November 9 and 11th 2012.  With “soul” music traditionally rooted in the early 50s and 60s, what makes the Northern Soul movement so special is the amount of young adults grooving to the beats alongside veterans and connosieurs of the dance. The event is open to 18 years and upwards, and the high youth population have brought some innovative moves to the dance floor. Energetic hip swivelling, leg splits and upside down spins on the head co-opted from the break-dancing phenomenon of the 80s, combine with elements of ballroom and twist  to  create a dizzying array of dance to watch and participate in. Winter Gardens Blackpool Open All Areas With access to all parts of the Winter Gardens complex for the weekend, the ticket price of £39 is great value. Make your way to the Ballroom and enjoy the ambience of grooving to all your favourite Motown and Northern Soul classics against the backdrop of the grand Victorian architecture of the 1880s. You can see the World Northern Soul Dancing Championship on the Saturday night from 9pm. In the Circus set your hips to the modern soul beat alongside club groove classics from the 70s to present, with DJs including Ginger Taylor, Dave Evison, Chris King and Snowy on the decks. With dance all hours from Friday 8pm-2am and Saturday 7pm-3am there’ll be plenty of time to show off your best moves and truly immerse yourself in the beat. In the Music Walkway sample some of the “insider” soul classics for an experience of rare tracks and skilful music combinations to get you in the soul mood. R&B, reggae and soul is played by DJs who have come from key Northern Soul venues around the country such as Blackpool Mecca, Wigan Casino, The Twisted Wheel and The Kings Hall Stoke. The cream de la soul is here to entertain you. Whether you aim to get fit, learn some new dance moves or immerse yourself in the culture of soul and Motown music, you will have a great time at the Soul Weekender no matter what music tradition you are used to. You cannot help but get caught up in the friendly atmosphere and will meet loads of interesting people there. With something to do, dance to or watch at the Blackpool Tower Northern Soul Weekender at these times: Friday 6pm-3am, Saturday 2pm-5am, Sunday 2pm-Midnight, ensure you have a comfy bed in a Blackpool Hotels waiting for you at the end of each rhythmic adventure into the heart of northern soul music.