Blackpool Zoo

December 10, 2010 at 11:01 am
Blackpool Zoo is the haven for more than 1500 exotic animals, occupying 32 acres of land in Lancashire. Having been in operation since 1972, the zoo has a mission of providing an excellent venue for families to enjoy the day without incurring huge expenses, despite it being a relatively simple zoo. The place is open all year round from 10am onwards, except on Christmas Day, and closes at 3.45pm. Blackpool used to have a zoo inside the renowned Blackpool Tower in the early 20th century, but was always deemed to be unsuitable to house the numerous animals from different countries. The current location of Blackpool Zoo was originally a site for the Stanley Park Aerodrome, where the Royal Lancashire Show would be performed. The land finally became the new home for Blackpool Zoo when the royal show finally moved since its first act in 1953. Today, Blackpool Zoo has an impressive zoological collection for visitors to admire. On the land, there are mammals such as gorillas, African lions and even giraffes. Alligators, pythons and tortoises are available for viewing pleasure as well. In addition, tons of ground dwelling birds, which include the black curassows, emus and different species of macaws, consist of a huge part of the family of Blackpool Zoo. In early 2010, the original habitant of the sealions within the zoo was renovated and is now known as the Active Oceans. Boasting to be Europe’s biggest pool, a completely new grandstand capable of holding 300 visitors has been constructed around the pool. With the seats, the zoo has enabled any interested party to have a look at the sealion trainers and attend a mini lesson conducted by the knowledgeable education officers. You will be amazed at the intelligence of these sealions, as they display their tricks of ball balancing, hoop diving and capturing the flying rings with their necks. Blackpool Zoo has another specialty – the Dinosaur Safari. You will experience the prehistoric ages where dinosaurs were rampant, as you come into close encounter with the mammoth reptiles and gigantic lizards. It is guaranteed to be a great learning experience once in a lifetime, as you discover the lost world and get educated with the reasons for extinction of dinosaurs. Speaking of extinction, Blackpool Zoo is an active advocate of animal conservation. It currently is handling endangered species such as the blue throated conures, and is a firm supporter of 9 different organizations which are raising awareness of animal conservation. By being a visitor of Blackpool Zoo, you will be part of the conservation efforts as well.