Blackpool Zoo

October 18, 2011 at 11:13 am
Blackpool Zoo, situated two miles from the seafront has, as its main mission, to assist the conservation of species. Home to 1500 types of animal, the zoo has recently proved to be successful at breeding animals in captivity. This makes Blackpool Zoo a pleasant day out, as you can view baby penguins, red panda young and even otter babies up close. The Children’s Farm, in Blackpool Zoo, opened in Spring 2011 and is already a very popular exhibit. Inside you can find sheep, cattle, goats, donkeys, ponies and rabbits, alongside an animal petting area. There is a cow called Daisy which you can try milking, and a lot of education displays to suit all ages. Exhibits Active Oceans, the marine enclosure is a pool where you can view penguins through a fantastic glass enclosure and a watch a show where trainers swim with sealions in warmer weather.  The Ape House is another popular attraction where a family of Western Lowland Gorillas can be seen in their large enclosure. Meisie is a popular addition to the gorilla family, and is only one year old. The Dinosaur Safari exhibit is a way of educating about the life of animals in the past, and features 32 life size models of dinosaurs alongside an information trail. Amazonia is a tribute to all South America has to offer, and includes many animals, birds and five species of monkey. Giraffe Heights is the newest addition to he zoo and is home to six giraffes, five female adults and one teenage female. You can look down on them from a good height if you wish, or you can go to ground level and see how big they really are. Nearby is the Bornean orang-utans, led my matriarch 26-year-old Vicky, Ramon, and their two children. Orangu-tans are an endangered species and it is a tribute to the zoo that they have managed to breed Cherie and Summer, who will hopefully grow to have more offspring. Critically endangered Zebras are also being looked after in Blackpool Zoo, with the most recent birth of Tebogo, a zebra foal in 2011, a real achievement.  She is the first foal born in 9 years, and is sure to be well looked after, and a treat to see, with her fluffy zebra mane and lighter colouring. The Wallaby Walkabout enclosure pays tribute to these friendly marsupials by providing visitors with another petting opportunity, and the ability to walk through the animal enclosure. Here you can see wading birds, lorikeets and aardvarks. There is plenty to see and do at the Blackpool Zoo.