British Freestyle Championships

October 13, 2012 at 4:05 pm
As part of the inaugural Blackpool Dance Festival the annual British Freestyle Championships will glitter at the Empress Ballroom on October 14th, 2012. The gorgeous Winter Gardens complex at the centre of the Blackpool promenade hosts this incredible display of dance and drama! Freestyle is the kind of dancing you might see on TV shows like Strictly Ballroom in the rock n roll segment. The dance competition is part of the Blackpool Dance Festival which originated in 1920. Blackpool has an active dance and arts scene so it is no surprise that a competition attracting high calibre dancers is held here every year. Freestyle Leaves Room For Modern Dance Alongside the traditional forms of slow dance performed by teams and couples, the British Freestyle Championships invite newer forms of dance. Streetdance and Hip Hop artists take to the stage the day before for the British Streetdance Championships, with the finale for freestylers being the following day as the modern and classical dance forms take to the floor. The Premier Championships include the Nationwide Supreme Dancer Prize, which is under the banner of the Association of Freestyle Dancers. One of the more interesting things about the association’s rules is that no fake tan or oil can be applied to any dancer. So if you are watching the performance in the Empress Ballroom, the tans are real people! Anyone can get up and dance during the open dances during the day. You will find almost all the people in the ballroom taking to the dance floor – and not everyone is in sequins! Traditionally, one part of the Blackpool Dance Festival was to socialise with people local to Blackpool, so this part of the British Freestyle Championship is like a dance hall meeting. The three basic ingredients to make a good freestyle dancer are runs, kicks and spins. Originally inspired by 70s disco and movies like Stayin’ Alive, each dancer or dancing team must come up with a routine that incorporates all of the style elements. Add a creative interpretation and a good sense of what is modern right now, and you have the makings of a champion. Make sure you stay in one of Blackpools Hotels during the British Freestyle Championships and take a walk along the promenade. Lit up by the Blackpool Illuminations, this year promises to be very special as the light display celebrates its 200th anniversary.