British National Dance Championships

November 13, 2012 at 7:32 pm
The gorgeous Winter Gardens Empress Ballroom hosts the British National Dance Championships in Blackpool. November 17th, 18th and 19th sees the 38th annual championships for British Couples and Formation Teams, including Ballroom and Latin dance sequences. Dance Calendar Main Event Blackpool attracts a vibrant and loyal dance community whom could be termed the dance-makers, to pun the Olympics’ games-makers. Without this devoted set of volunteers, the event could not take place each year. The Original Championship Held in 1920 The dance festival began as the Blackpool Dance Festival and featured three types of dances: Modern Ballroom, Latin American, and Ballroom dancing including the Foxtrot, Quick Step and Waltz. The aim of competition at this level is to present the dances with an original routine, creative format and with a style unique to the competitors. The venue at Winter Gardens Empress Ballroom features all the beauty and ornate spectacle you would like to see in a Victorian dance ballroom. This is perhaps why this event, and the other four dance events on Blackpool’s annual calendar, attracts international competitors and the best of British alike. The British National Dance Championships attract over 3,000 competitors who dance to a packed audience of family, dance ingénues, agents, talent spotters and onlookers. By far the highlight of the three day dance extravaganza is the Professional Team Match, which is an invitation only event where dancers who are commercially paid compete in their expert Ballroom field. If you’ve ever seen Strictly Come Dancing, and thirst for more dancing and less chit chat, this is a wonderful event to indulge. The standard is super -high, and it is much more satisfying to view partnership dance particularly, where both the male and female dancers are exceptionally talented. The team formation event in the Latin American style has become something of a fun event to watch. It is interesting to see the way dance choreographers are combining modern music beats and styles with Latin American Ballroom dancing. The British National Dance Championships are more than just a whirl of sequins and fake tanning. The skill required by the dancers is exceptionally high, and the competition itself regarded as one of the highlights of the international professional dancing calendar. Most Blackpool Hotels will have tickets you can purchase to this event if you are in town. You will be sure to enjoy a sociable and visual feast.