British Streetdance Championships

October 13, 2012 at 4:10 pm
October 13th 2012 sees the annual British Streetdance Championships take place at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool. The Empress Ballroom will be transformed into an urban delight, as solo artists, pairs, teams and groups compete for the British crown. Considered the event for younger dancers, the Streedance Championships backs onto the British Freestyle Championships held the following day. All of this is under the banner of the Blackpool Dance Festival, an event with historical roots back to 1920. Blackpool Keeps Up Blackpool has long been a place for innovative art and support for youth culture. The attitude to dance is no exception. The British Streetdance Championship attracts the best UK solo and team artists who dance Hip Hop, Urban, and Street styles, and also includes a stunning group competition. One of the key events on the UDO World Championship circuit, the British Streetdance Crown is much coveted and an indication of the potential to compete in Streedance on an international stage. Want to Be a Spectator? Spectators are very welcome at the British Streetdance Championships and you will find the atmosphere electric and the venue; the Empress Ballroom; absolutely breathtaking. The energy and zest of the performances will leave you grooving in your chair, or sometimes out of your chair, and you might come back to your hotel hoarse from all the cheering! Want to Take Part? New entrants are welcome , there are competition rules but they are fairly easy to comply with and don’t pose a major barrier. The main thing is to know a bit about the moves required to score points with the judges, who are very experienced with Urban and Hip Hop styles. Music selection is crucial too, you don’t want to be dancing to the same tune as everyone else. Usher? Again? Blackpools Hotels offer special deals for stays during the Blackpool Dance Festival so be sure to ask about ticket and hotel offers when you book in. The promenade has a lot of amusements, fair rides, seaside action and fun to be had when you are not at the festival, so be sure to maximise your stay in Blackpool. Choose a couple of extra nights and celebrate with your dance friends in Blackpool. The British Streetdance Championships comes to town when the Blackpool Illuminations have been switched on. There is the added bonus of being able to see the magic display of lights along the promenade.