Carnesky’s Ghost Train

October 30, 2011 at 7:56 pm
Carnesky’s Ghost Train is an iconic Blackpool attraction, where visitors go inside the ghost train contraption to experience a ten minute mystery tour, where a distraught mother seeks her lost little daughter among the ghouls within. There are lots of references to World War II, and with the inspiration and beginnings of the concept from Germany, and based on the dastardly deeds that went on there, you can imagine some of the horrors that await you in this ghost train experience. The unique thing about Carnesky’s Ghost Train, is the carnival performance within it. It is not what you expect of a ghost train, where you would normally observe paper maiche ghouls appearing out of the walls. Marisa Carnesky, the producer of the Ghost Train, is an experienced theatrical performer and producer. Live action Carnesky’s Ghost Train is haunted by performance artists dressed like the most scariest Halloween-type costumes you will ever see, dripping with menace and fake theatre blood. The story that you follow is frightening, and by the end of the ten minute ride you are thoroughly scared and run out screaming. So infamous is this attraction, that two English musicians, Paloma Faith and Professor Green, have filmed singles on the site of the Carnesky’s Ghost Train. For Paloma Faith it was a homecoming experience, as she was part of the original performance cast in 2004. The attraction was not always based in Blackpool, and began in Brick Lane, East London, and was a lot smaller in scale. Marisa Carnesky was then invited to take the show to the Brit Awards and later on to Glastonbury. Attracting Arts Council funding, due to the performance aspects, the attraction became more successful and larger, so the Carnesky Ghost Train needed a more stable home base. The positive responses from visitors to the train led Marisa to explore setting up in Blackpool, where the Carnesky’s Ghost Train has found its home since 2008. It is a successful attraction because the attention to detail, artwork, performance and theatrical dimensions, including sensory experiences and illusion techniques, combine to leave you breathless. This combination of fairground, acrobatics, creepy animatronics and conceptual art will have you impressed and as one most unique rides in Blackpool, Carnesky’s Ghost Train is an experience not to be missed.