Central Pier

December 12, 2010 at 10:04 am
As one of the 3 piers available in Blackpool, Central Pier is the spot where all the fun and entertainment are found. Affectionately known as the “people’s pier” on Lancashire, it has a huge list of attractions and live shows, promising all visitors amusements and excitement during their stay in Blackpool. If you are currently at Central Pier, make sure to check out the Peter Sedgwick’s Funfair. Home of the Big Wheel, you can book a ride on the magnificent device and enjoy a bird eye’s view of Blackpool’s various attraction spots. Standing at 108 foot, it is definitely the best spot to be in during the festive Blackpool Illuminations. On top of that, there are various thrill rides and roller coasters available for the lion hearted, such as the Waltzers and the Extreme, guaranteeing you the most fearsome ride of your lifetime. For those who enjoy a night filled with excellent music and songs, Trevor Chance’s Legends is your number one pick at Central Pier. Being in business for 12 years, this show is created to pay tribute to the numerous legends in the music industry, and you will be able to catch a bunch of performers to entertain you with their “lookalike and soundalike” talents. Featuring late artistes such as Elvis Presley and Freddie Mercury as well as living legends such as Robbie Williams and Elton John, this ever-popular performance will prove to be the most brilliant night for music fans, a night filled with nostalgias and memories. Take a walk down to the end of Central Pier, and you will see a Family Bar in operation. With a list of family-oriented programmes drawn up, it is the perfect venue for you and your family members if you are looking for a relaxing and enthralling evening. In the bar, there will be a family cabaret on play, and also regular quizzes being presented by the host of the night to ensure that every member in the family has a chance to participate in the fun. For the younger children, there is a designated area containing various simulation arcade games. To sum it up, the Central Pier in Blackpool is a highly recommended attraction for individual and family travellers alike. Entry is free and you only have to pay for whatever rides you engage in, making it a really economic location to visit. Remember to purchase some souvenirs for your friends when you leave the Central Pier at any stall situated all over the place!