Cleveley’s Ice Rink

February 4, 2012 at 3:07 pm
The Cleveley’s Ice Rink is a huge draw for teenagers, young children learning to skate, and the older, experienced skater alike. Known as the Subzero Ice Arena, the venue opened in early 2011, and there is no where better to skate than on a brand new ice arena. Ice Skating is a great way to burn off those extra calories, and may form part of your New Year’s Resolutions this year. Additionally it is something you can do with the whole family. In 2012 ice hockey games will commence at Cleveley’s Ice Rink, so there is a chance to spectate, or if you live local, you may want to participate and play to shoot the puck into the goalie net. Top class facilities at Cleveley’s Ice Rink The Subzero Bar and Leisure area overlooks the rink, and is a good place to have a cocktail or other beverage while watching, or perhaps supervising, skaters on the ice. The ambience is lovely, with dimmed lighting, and immaculate modern decor making this sports bar appealing. The satellite television coverage of major news and sports is a bonus when you need to stay in the bar for a while. The Cafe is reasonably priced and good for snacks and refuelling, though the facility has no problem with bringing your own foods and drinks if you want to eat in the leisure area. The Pro Shop features the latest ice skating equipment, ice skates for adults, children, hockey skates, guards and covers, and bags suitable for carrying skates. Skate hire is well organised, with the distinctive blue boots new and comfortable, making this a good time to try out skating if you haven’t before, and see if you enjoy it enough to invest in your own pair. You can even learn figure skating if you want to take lessons. When visiting the Blackpool area, if you want to burn off a few calories and fancy a visit to Cleveley’s, go by tram to the Queen’s Promenade area, and then walk to Red Bank Road to find the ice rink. The Cleveley’s area is just north of the North Pier, and only as far as the South Pier is distant. So be sure to investigate this lovely, new Cleveley’s Ice Rink, for a good day out with the family.