Coral Island

December 21, 2010 at 2:55 pm
If you have the chance to visit Blackpool, you absolutely have to check out Coral Island. Being the biggest amusement arcade in the whole England, Coral Island has been attracting around 4 million visitors each year. There are fun and games available for both adults and children to enjoy, making it an excellent choice for a weekend family outing. Coral Island had undergone a total revamp and renovation work back in 1999, in which a huge amount of funds was injected for a completely refreshing outlook. Today, the most prominent feature of the amusement park is no doubt the humungous skull along with the pirate ship. As you step into the amusement arcade, there are tons of small rides lined up for children to have the first taste of the many interesting features you are in for. The next attraction you should check out is definitely the parrot monorail ride. While riding in it around the whole arcade, you can get your hand on the laser simulation game made available in the cabin and dive into the virtual world to complete the quest. In Coral Island, there are many games which you can engage in to collect tickets. Some of these games filled with endless fun include slot machines, basketball simulation machines and coin games. As you play the games and achieve certain objectives (high scores, bonus stage and many more), the machines will award you with tickets for your great effort. Once you have amassed enough tickets, you can head down to the designated kiosk and browse through the gifts and merchandises available for exchange. The collection of items ranges from soft toys and key chains to handheld consoles and bicycles. There is always something for every one of any age, so no one will be missing out the thrill in Coral Island. For the mature audience, there is a prize bingo area and you will be served tidbits and small drinks while the numbers are being revealed. As you are having a fun-filled day in Coral Island, there will be times when you really have to grab a bite. Be sure to make a trip to the mega cafe in the arcade. The usual beverages like coffee, tea and assorted soft drinks are part of the menu list, but the most value for money selection is definitely the main course. Imagine a set of fish and chips selling at no more than $2.50! Coral Island is a place where you are ensured a wonderful yet economical outing, loaded with fun and excitement.