Coral Island Blackpool

February 4, 2012 at 10:51 am
Coral Island Blackpool is one of those places that you cannot pass by. An amusement arcade full of twinkling lights, zany sounds and the clink of dropping pound coins from the slot game machines. Every young person’s delight. This pirate-themed arcade has been around since 1999 and is a prominent feature on the Golden Mile stretch of Blackpool’s promenade. Looming over you is a six metre high skull pirate with a bandana and eye-patch. There are ropes and sails reminiscent of Spanish galleons, and the whole thing is stylised circa 18th century Andalucia. Famous for pirates. Lots of amusements The enormous range of video games that remind you of traditional amusement arcade delights, and it has one of the best ranges of traditional coin slot machines in the UK. There is Coral Island Bingo, and casino games available for all ages, which can be enjoyed while having refreshments. Rides are available too, including The Buccaneer, The Sky Flyer and The Ghost Train. One of the more reasonable places for the price of food and drinks, you can get a variety of tasty fast food, and treat the entire family. There is a pub, if you feel the need for something to warm you on a wet day, and there is also an amusing monorail ride that goes around the ceiling of the arcade. This is the largest arcade in Blackpool, and built on the site of the former central train station, so it is something you cannot miss as you walk the Golden Mile. It is situated in the centre of the strip. Coral Island is most famous for its array of slot machines, also known as one-armed-bandits. These are called this, because as you operate one of them you pull down the arm to have the picture cards on internal rollers spin. If your rollers land on winning card combinations you win a prize, but more often than not you will lose, hence the expression, ‘bandits’. Coral Island is a fun day out, and a great way to experience a casino type adventure without it being too hard on the pocket. Perfect for those wetter days in resort, it is certainly a place where you can amuse yourself and the family for the whole day. A traditional part of Blackpool’s history, visit Coral Island Blackpool and see the largest amusement arcade on offer.