Dance-a-thon Challenge Blackpool

February 4, 2012 at 2:38 pm
The mere mention of Dance-a-thon Challenge Blackpool fills me with images of a Grease movie-type scene of frenzied girls in twirling skirts, being flung to the roof by boys in mod suits, skinny 50s ties and quiffs. I’m not far off. The Marie Curie Cancer Charity organises this event as part of its annual Daffodil Appeal, which means that you can participate in four of the categories of dance, or you can choreograph your own daffodil dance for one of the sections. Dance styles You receive a pack of choreographed dance routines and can practice these before the big event. You can either attend the main Dance-a-thon Challenge Blackpool hosts at the Blackpool Winter Gardens, or organise your own local event. This is a nationwide fundraiser and is a great way to raise money, get fit and involve your friends. Plus it is good to get some dance practise outside of the annual wedding you might attend. The Winter Gardens event has the capacity to host 2000 dancers, which makes this a fun filled event. You then need to dance four of the salsa, zumba, line dance, ballroom dance, or Irish dance sections for three hours. Yes this event will get you super-fit, which is an added attraction! This year, the dance-a-thon was run on the 20th of November and was three hours in length. Many were in fancy dress, or yellow, daffodil themed attire, and an energetic, fun time was had by all. Qualified dance instructors are on-site to help you perfect your steps, so for the registration fee of £10, a three hour dance lesson seems a bargain to me. The lovely ladies from Marie Curie will help register you and check you have everything you need, making this a friendly event too. You don’t have to be an expert, you can be a novice, an individual or a group. So if you are heading to Blackpool in November, and are there at the time the Dance-a-thon Challenge Blackpool is on, it may be worth registering on the day and going for it! It is all for a good cause and a lot of fun to boot!