Daniel O’Donnell

September 28, 2011 at 12:14 pm
Prone to say things like; “You know folks, being over 40 doesn’t make a bit of difference”; while singing “Pretty Little Girl from Omagh in his silky Irish voice, makes Daniel O’Donnell an enduring folk favourite. This year on October 4th, he will be playing Blackpool Opera House – Winter Gardens, as part of his 2011 UK tour and it is sure to be a very special evening. Daniel grew up in Northern Ireland and was inspired to become an entertainer by his sister Margo, who had a hit single “Dear God” at the age of eighteen. He was only eight, and he watched his sister graft hard combining school and her singing career to achieve success in Donegal. From modest means, Daniel, encouraged by his close-knit family, moved from singing in the local choir to joining Margo’s band. A genuinely nice man He saved his money and spent £600 pounds recording “My Donegal Shore” in 1983 aged 22. As soon as that smooth, mesmerising voice was available for public consumption, Daniel’s star began to rise quickly.  He had his first chart hit in 1992 with “I Just Want to Dance With You”, and was an established recording artist, whose voice embodied the sound of Northern Irish folk. O’Donnell is known for his kindness, clean cut image and gently spoken ways. He is fluent in Gaelic, loyal to his Donegal fans, and is known to host tea parties for them and to personally meet and greet people after his concerts. All that aside, Daniel has a very charismatic stage presence and is capable of captivating hearts with a glance from his smouldering Celtic eyes. If you think you are immune from the charms of Daniel O’Donnell, feel free to sit in the front rows! With ten million records sold to date, Daniel O’Donnell in Concert is sure to be an experience. His excellent diction ensures that even if you don’t know all of the songs, you can enjoy them as the words he sings are clear. Unfalteringly accurate in tone, he has that rare ability to hit each and every note, lulling the listener into a journey that roams through the fields of Northern Ireland, and into the romantic pastimes of country life. Enjoy Daniel O’Donnell in Concert against the backdrop of the stunning Blackpool Opera House at the Winter Gardens, for an evening you are to be sure to remember.