Fleetwood Tram Museum

February 4, 2012 at 3:26 pm
North East of Blackpool lies Fleetwood, a significant sized town with a population of around 30,000. Fleetwood is the home of the industry that supports the Fylde coast area, and is worth a visit to its historic museums, amusements and markets. Fleetwood is thought to have been a significant port town settlement during the Iron Age, as an archaeological find in 2007 discovered. The place of Fleetwood is named and located in The Doomsday Book, and there is evidence of the existence of the Setanti Tribe, who roamed the coast of Fylde in the first century AD. Though, Fleetwood was not officially thought of as a town until the 1830s when it became a town planning experiment, in the Victorian age of design. Modern Fleetwood A retired fishing town, Fleetwood has arisen to become a sea-side resort, with its own unique offerings, that distinguish it from Blackpool. Its location on the headland of the North makes several historic lighthouses worth a visit, with tales of heroic rescues at sea, and dire storms that caused misfortune on the coast. In the 1890s a tram line link was established to Blackpool, which makes a trip to Fleetwood ideal, as you get to ride the tram for longer. It is really a novelty travelling by tram, as you can see the whole world passing by, alongside beautiful sea –side views as it travels up the coast to the north. Sea-side piers are a feature of every resort town, and the last Victorian pier to be built in the United Kingdom was built in Fleetwood. In 1910 the pier opened, as Fleetwood had come late to the business of being a resort and leisure town. A visit to pubs and dining establishments in Fleetwood may lead you to discover that Fleetwood’s most famous resident was Wilfred Owen, World War I poet. The seafront is a lovely, relaxing stroll, with rock shops and fish and chips available to eat, and a sprawling white sandy beach to play on. The pace of Fleetwood is more relaxed than Blackpool, and you can have a really nice day out at the beach here, looking at the lighthouses and their history, and admiring the waterfront regenerated  area with its lovely sculptures and walkways along the promenade area. Fleetwood is well worth a day trip when you are visiting the Blackpool area.