Fylde Folk Festival near Blackpool

July 24, 2013 at 12:57 pm
Attracting over 3000 visitors each year, the Flyde Folk Festival comes to Blackpool from Friday 30th August to Sunday 1st September. Featuring folk music, song and dance, the festival spreads across landmark locations in various hotels, pubs and outdoor locations. Given the high prices of most UK festivals, Fylde Folk Festival is reasonable at £65 pounds per ticket for the entire weekend. Acts include the latest in up and coming folk artists across the United Kingdom and include: Dougie Maclean (of BBC Lifetime Achievement Award 2013) – obviously one of Britain’s most accomplished folk artist is headlining! Jamie Smith’s Mabon Allan Taylor Nance Kerr and James Fagan The Young-Uns Lucy Ward (BBC Folk Award Winner) Calan (hailing from Wales) Boo Hewardine Jez Lowe and Bad Pennies, Bella Hardy (BBC Folk Award Winner) Tim Edey and Brendan Power (BBC Best Duo) James Findlay (BBC Folk Award Winner) Barrule Les Barker And many more ... Folk Festivals are Different to other Music Festivals The line-up is a great chance to see the latest developments in the folk music industry, and there is literally nowhere else in the UK you will see such an extensive line-up. This festival represents fantastic value for folk fans, or anyone wishing to truly sample this musical genre in its fullest capacity. A folk festival is a child friendly event with a casual vibe. Most folk acts combine a story-telling component with musical performance, making the act more than just listening to songs, and more than an attempt to enter the top 40. The sheer variety in styles and performance acts makes a folk festival something worth doing once, in case you get hooked! With the fantastic weather in the UK this year, the ideal weekend for chilling out with the family must contain a visit to the Flyde Folk Festival near Blackpool. If you are thinking of combining a week at the beach in Blackpool and a visit to the festival, why not stay with us at the Carn Brae Hotel Blackpool. We are most conveniently located near Fleetwood, the centre of the festival action, and all Blackpool attractions. Chat to our friendly team for your accommodation today on 01253 345 938.