Golden Mile Blackpool

November 23, 2011 at 2:38 pm
Golden Mile Blackpool is a name given to the area surrounding the Central Pier, and to the north and south of it, along the Grand Promenade. The area itself to which it is referring stretches more than a mile in length, but when you are enjoying the delights of a Blackpool Break, who’s counting? Many areas in the world are dubbed with the title ‘Golden Mile’ and it is interesting to find out where this expression comes from. Originally from Montreal in Canada, it is believed to refer to the ‘Golden Square Mile’ label attached to a housing area called Mount Royal. The inhabitants of city central Montreal who were gaining wealth decamped to inhabit what was considered more fashionable and wealthy accommodation just out of the town. The area experienced a real-estate boom during the Great Depression and hence forth was known as the ‘Golden Mile’. This is meant to express an area of economic wealth that defies recession. Holiday fun Golden Mile Blackpool was dubbed with this name in the early 20th century also, and it was meant to represent that swathes of tourist visitors, who came once a year in their droves, could live it up like kings and queens on the golden mile of entertainment and amusements. This had special significance, as Blackpool was previously home to wealthy holiday makers, who came for the healing waters of the sea-side. Once the railways were built and Blackpool became an easier place to get to, many working class people travelled to see Blackpool’s beautiful beaches for themselves, and live the life of luxury for their annual holidays. Amusements and businesses formed to meet their needs, including dancing for the working class at the Central Pier, which is still to this day a major attraction. On the mile itself, beach street vendors were eventually banned and had to apply for hard-standing room along the mile to peddle their wares and amusements. Today, the golden mile features an array of rides, big wheels, amusement arcades, fast food, restaurants, pubs, works of street art and quality lighting and illuminations. You can also experience the gorgeous traditional trams and busses as they whiz by, and catch a show at the Blackpool Tower and Winter Gardens complex. And that gorgeous golden beach has plenty of room to accommodate visitors, with the Golden Mile Blackpool said to attract over five million holidaymakers each year.