Grundy Art Gallery

February 4, 2012 at 3:35 pm
The Grundy Art Gallery is well worth a visit when you are in Blackpool. Situated right in the centre of Blackpool’s tourist area, along the Talbot Road and then just off to the Queen’s Road on your left, the gallery has a variety of exhibitions, both long standing and temporary. Home to British art, Victorian paintings, modern art, and a library which includes a photographic collection, depicting the interesting history of Blackpool from its beginnings as a destination for the rich to bathe in healing waters, to the leisure and tourism capital it is now. Art features Open each Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm, entry is free as the gallery is supported by Blackpool Council. There is a long history of the association with the Council, who commissioned the building in 1908, in order to house an emerging history of Blackpool’s impressive growth from a small village hamlet, by the sea, to a must-stop tourism destination in early Victorian days. The building is impressive, Edwardian in character, and well kept with imposing interior columns and white stucco facades providing an appropriate backdrop for the permanent art collections and contemporary exhibits. The name of the gallery comes from its first donation by artists John and Cuthbert Grundy. Their portraits of persons and places documented the artistic, cultural and market life of the town of Blackpool, and the Grundy Art Gallery was named after their generous donation of over thirty of their works. They were highly regarded and successful commercial artists in their day. The gallery aims to keep up with the times, and has a blog where you can report about your visit, aimed at school children and visitors. They conduct regular learning tours about the history of Blackpool, and you can book one of these at any time. If you like, the gallery is available for private hire, and is well worth considering as a venue for a special occasion. If you find yourself with a rainy day in Blackpool, be sure to visit the Grundy Art Gallery, to learn a bit more about the history of Blackpool, and to see some of the best Victorian portrait paintings of that time.  You will need to check what is on for the contemporary collection when you go, and this is always a delight and surprise as the Grundy Art Gallery is an avid supporter of modern art.